Creagh Breuner                               

Professor, Organismal Biology Ecology and Evolution, and The Wildlife Biology Program

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I started my career studying CORT affects on behavior in captive birds in isolation; over time, I've incorporated environmental, ecological, evolutionary and conservation perspectives into my work (in that order, actually...). I find the fields of physiological ecology and environmental endocrinology so potent because they 1) evaluate patterns of hormones, performance, reproduction and survival in the field, 2) then test those patterns in more controlled, captive situations, and finally, 3) test those controlled relationships experimentally back in field settings to broaden the ecological significance of the findings. I enjoy integrating across cellular/protein work to behavior and fitness studies. Recently, I have been applying my work in stress physiology to conservation applications; conservation physiology provides insight into the health of free-living populations, and can be used to assess individual/population success across the annual cycle.

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